True cost of Slipping on Ice

A prison officer was compensated £496,717 for slipping on ice while performing his duties at work patrolling the prison and was unable to work again due to an area not being gritted.

It highlights the need for having the correct Winter Maintenance plan in place.

· Have you got a Winter Maintenance plan in place that includes full transparency?

· Weather data that backs up your decision on the day?

· Before and after pictures of the work completed?

· Tracking to include vehicle and pedestrian tracking?

· Email notification at the start and end of each job at site?

· Gritting and Snow clearing plans created and signed off by you, giving you exactly what you need at your facility?

· Teams in the field that have a manageable workload, it is becoming the norm that teams are expected to treat 30+ sites in a night?

· And the most important aspect a specialist managing and delivering the service you need?

The list goes on….

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empty car park with snow removed