Winter Maintenance
for Private and Public
Car Parks

If you are operating a car park you have a legal obligation to ensure your premises is safe at all times. Therefore, preparation for winter maintenance services is vital so you don’t lose thousands of pounds through unnecessary car park closures due to snow and ice or preventable slips.

With our 24/7 services, we can grit your car park and offer snow clearance services to enable customers and employees safe entry and exit.


AccuGrit provides gritting, snow clearance and weather forecasting services to a diverse range of organisations and industries with various terrains; here are some examples.

  • You risk non-compliance with QSHE or insurance small print
  • Your organisation is fined for operational shutdowns due to ice and snow
  • You waste money gritting your premises
    when it’s not needed

Why are car parks challenging to maintain in winter?

Ground temperatures versus air temperatures
The surfaces of elevated or multi-storey car parks will freeze in midwinter even when the air temperature hovers above zero, thanks to a lack of ground source heat. Without accurate ground tempe rature forecasting, it is difficult to predict when car parks need to be gritted, with a risk of drivers arriving in the morning to find icy conditions and slippery parking spaces.

Black ice and hidden dangers
In similar circumstances precipitation that is falling as rain, thanks to warmer air temperatures hit the raised, cold surfaces of a car park and turn into black ice. Black ice is difficult to see and makes a car park an incredibly unsafe place. Stepping out of a car onto black ice can lead to a painful fall and there is the added risk of other drivers skidding as they try to park nearby.

How AccuGrit can help keep your car parks safe

Winter weather forecasting for car parks
If you have your own gritting or snow clearing equipment, you want to know when you need to send teams out to treat your car park before the wintery weather arrives. Our accurate weather forecasting tools display ground temperature so that you can see whether it is just those all-important
multi-storey and raised car parks that need to be treated, or every
surface you manage.

Winter gritting and snow clearing for car parks
For total peace of mind, AccuGrit’s full winter maintenance services can be engaged as a pay-as-you grit or fixed price package, so you can rest assured that your premises are safe and accessible no matter what the weather has in store for us. AccuGrit teams use that very same Weather Cockpit® ground temperature forecasting as well as the innovative Yeti reporting system so that you can check on our progress from the warmth of your office or home.