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In 2018, the UK had five businesses specialising in solely providing winter maintenance services, which were either absorbed or created into multi service businesses offering grounds maintenance/landscaping services to monopolise the marketplace. The demise of the dedicated companies left the UK without an authoritative leader in this critical health and safety sector.

We launched AccuGrit in 2019 as a dedicated winter maintenance service provider, and we do not dilute our specialism by offering any other services. We are now the only business in the UK to specifically provide nationwide gritting and snow clearing services. In addition, as a specialist, we are continually introducing innovation through products and technology as the business can focus on offering the best in winter maintenance services. 

AG Operations and Daily Process

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Review forecasts and data to make operational decisions.

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Notify our field teams to be prepared to grit or clear snow.

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Send notice to any clients requiring gritting or snow clearing.

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Update all jobs in our App for field team and client’s review.

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Conduct standard gritting or snow clearing, update admin.

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Clients notified of the prior night’s activity and any issues encountered on site

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Review forecasts and data to make operational decisions.



We offer 24/7 support from October 21st to April 30th.


Using our YETI management system we track servicing with GPS and with our web portal we can geo fence all sites and visits are automatically logged for full transparency.

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Reduce Risk

Our bespoke management system securely archives all data so you can retrieve all relevant job information and documents efficiently.

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Record tracking

Track everything from forecast data, proposed jobs, site maps and onsite equipment. You’ll always know what’s going on.

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Quality Control

Keep up to date with what the field team is doing, their location, and view concluded jobs photos from sites. All in real-time.

Weather Cockpit

The Weather Cockpit provides the AccuGrit team with a specialist forecasting service to ensure our winter maintenance teams know precisely when they need to grit customers’ premises and be prepared for snow clearing operations. This data is specific to the development of frost, ice and snow, so everything we do for our customers is based on data and meteorological observation.