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“We are seeing a massive improvement with the recommended gritting supplier; they have been really good.

We’re very pleased with how the site is looking of late, so can you please pass on my thanks.”

– UK Animal Feed Distributor –

For most of the UK, snow is a relatively rare occurrence, but it can massively disrupt business when it does appear. 

Uncleared snow creates unnecessary corporate risks by making pedestrian and vehicle access dangerous, paths slippery, and hiding kerbs, ditches, and road markings. 

That’s why we use leading weather forecasting and real-time technology to ensure your premises are safe to access in the snow with equipment to live-stream from your site (adhering to privacy rules) and monitor the ground temperatures. In addition, our teams operate state-of-the-art machinery and technology to support proactive and reactive snow clearing, and when combined with gritting, this will give you peace of mind in the worst weather. 

What’s more, with our client portal, you’ll be able to connect to the real-time information we are basing decisions on, monitor our team, and your site as events happen and access the compliance records when required. 


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