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How to Choose the Right Snow Removal Service

Health & Safety | Snow Clearing | 04 July

UK weather is unpredictable. 

One year, you could get lucky and see relatively little snow.

Just a few months later, you could be blocked in, unable to leave your house with snow piled up on the driveway.

Having a reliable snow removal service provider on-call is vital for dealing with the UK’s unpredictable winter weather, especially for businesses that rely on clear roads and sites to stay operational.

Every year, the UK sees an average of 23.7 days of snowfall, with the amount of snow on the ground varying from only 18.4 inches in London to 34.1 inches in the midlands – not to mention the massive amount of snow up in Scotland.

Having access to reliable snow removal services is a must to stay safe and operational during British winters.

But how do you choose the right provider?

Understanding Your Snow Removal Needs

There are many different types of snow removal services available all across the UK, ranging from the basic manual shovelling to more advanced and thorough mechanical clearing for larger sites.

To determine which type of snow removal service you should choose, you must first decide what kind of service you are looking for. This will depend on:

  • Size of area: how much land do you need cleared? Is it a residential driveway, an entire council’s street network, or a massive industrial site?
  • Location: Where you are in the UK drastically changes how much snow you’re likely to get – someone based in Birmingham or Scotland will need much more sophisticated and thorough removal services than someone in Cornwall.
  • Type of surface: Certain surfaces such as gravel, or dirt compared to concrete, will need different techniques for effective snow removal without damaging the surface.
  • Accessibility: A vast empty car park is simple, but an industrial site with equipment still on it, or roads filled with parked cars, may need more specialised attention for snow clearing.

Knowing what you’re looking for is crucial for ensuring you pick the right service tailored to your needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Service

Now you know what you need, it’s time to assess the options.

Here are some of the critical factors to consider when selecting your snow removal service:

  1. Cost: Various providers across the UK will quote you different prices. While it’s tempting to go with the cheapest option, consider the cost in addition to other factors such as reliability, trust, and the services you receive.
  2. Equipment: Always check out the equipment. While you don’t always need a provider with the latest, most modern equipment, you also don’t want one with machinery that is on the verge of breaking down.
  3. Contract type: Many winter maintenance providers offer seasonal contracts to be on call throughout snowy months, while others charge per visit. Consider which type you need.
  4. Employee Training: You want to keep your property safe and reduce the risk of accidents, which is why making sure your snow removal provider has well-trained employees.
  5. Response Time: When snow falls unexpectedly, you’ll want someone to start removing it as soon as possible. Before choosing, check each provider’s average response time and prioritisation system.
  6. Insurance: From injuries to property damage, it’s best to make sure your provider is fully insured – just in case.
Snow Removal

Evaluating Reliability and Reputation

While many factors go into making an excellent or terrible snow removal service provider, the number one thing you’ll want to look at is reputation.

Are they known for being reliable? Are they known for being efficient? 

Looking at a company’s history with other people tells you a lot about their potential future with you, so make sure to check online reviews, and find testimonials from any long-term clients they may have.

If you’re looking into a local provider, you can directly ask neighbours and local businesses who employ them to find out how good they are.

Especially valid for larger companies, certificates from national agencies or membership with professional organisations can prove reliability, such as AccuGrit’s ISO Certifications for quality management (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001), and health and safety (ISO 45001).

Positive reviews, glowing testimonials, and officially-recognised awards and certificates are all great signs of a reliable and trustworthy snow removal service.

Getting the Best Value and Service Agreement

In the snow removal service industry, there are generally three different pricing models: per visit, per season, and per inch, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Per season is excellent for budget certainty and peace of mind, but doesn’t always guarantee the best deal cost-wise.

Per visit is often more cost-effective for areas with less snowfall, but can be annoying to organise and less cost-effective in the long term for areas where snow is always expected.

Meanwhile, the per-inch price model is often the most cost-effective, but risks disputes over measurements and can often lead to larger cost variations.

Before you buy, look for additional services that may be included, such as gritting and forecasting, alongside guaranteed response times, service triggers, and cancellation policies.

It’s always worth negotiating terms – after all, every site is different, and providers may be willing to customise their prices to match what services you need.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring

Before you finalise your decision, here are a few questions to ask to clarify your understanding of what’s provided, and catch potential red flags in a provider:

  • What’s your policy on property damage?
  • How does your service differ from competitors?
  • What’s your current service area?
  • Do you have proof of insurance?
  • What’s your average response time?
  • How do you handle equipment breakdowns?


No matter which provider you choose, it’s crucial to evaluate cost, reliability, and responsiveness before settling on who will help remove your snow.

Of course, snow isn’t the only weather-based challenge in the winter months – from icy roads to unexpected cold-snaps, you may want to create a winter maintenance checklist to be prepared for anything.

And if you are looking for winter maintenance services from snow removal and gritting to accurate weather forecasting, you can request a free quote today to see how AccuGrit can help you stay snow-free and operational all year round.