Winter Maintenance for Emergency Services, Education and Healthcare Properties

Safety is imperative at public sector premises such as schools, hospitals, doctors, fire & police stations. That’s why we have applied our expert experience to design our Winter Maintenance Services to maintain risk-free environments.

We will ensure continuous access for staff and visitors alike, with 24/7 services specifically adapted to support each location, together with strict procedures to protect the vulnerable.

We understand that winter is the toughest time of year for those responsible for facilities management, with unpredictable weather, freezing temperatures and sometimes snow on the ground. 

Our gritting and snow clearing service supports:

  • Private Facilities Managers who are responsible for the winter maintenance of public sector premises. 
  • NHS & Police Estate, Facilities and Operations Managers
  • Companies providing facility management services for all kinds of educational establishments – schools, nurseries, colleges and universities. 

What are the challenges for gritting public premises in winter?

A maze of walkways, exits and fire escapes to grit
Public sector premises share something in common that makes them hard to safely maintain in winter. There are often multiple entrances, walkways, fire escapes and outdoor seating areas that all need to be gritting or cleared when ice and snow arrive. Anywhere members of the public, staff or contractors go needs to be safe and accessible.

The young, old, infirm and frail need to stay safe – as do the staff looking after them
Service users for public sector sites such as schools, hospitals, colleges and police stations include the very young, the elderly and everyone in between. It doesn’t matter if a police van or ambulance arrives at midday or midnight, staff still need to be able to move people safely no matter what the weather is doing.

How AccuGrit can help keep your sites safe

A full winter maintenance service for your hospital, school or police station
Working with a snow and gritting specialist such as AccuGrit means you’ll have peace of mind all winter long that the premises you manage are safe and accessible. We’re an accredited Safe Contractor and have decades of experience in looking after NHS, police and educational sites with gritting and snow clearing services.

Accurate weather forecasting for facilities managers and their teams
If it’s down to your facilities or estates team to ensure the hospital, police station or school you care for is gritted when the temperatures drop, you need access to reliable and timely weather forecasting. AccuGrit’s Weather Cockpit provides specialist ground temperature forecasts so that you are able to plan exactly when you need to grit or prepare for a snow clearing operation.