We’re focussed on
making a positive impact
on the environment

We believe taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including all of our staff and our customers.

AccuGrit operates for the betterment of society, the environment, and future generations well-being.

  • In 2021 AccuGrit was awarded an ISO Certificate for our Environmental Management System. This ensures that as a business, AccuGrit is accountable for minimising any impact on the ecosystem, and we continue to work hard towards achieving minimal carbon emissions to support climate change.

  • As a business, we support environmental charities, with our MD, Dean Harvey, volunteering with Road Nature Reserves Suffolk (RNRS). In addition, we continuously look for opportunities to help our clients and their community with environmental projects.

We’re going the extra mile (literally) to help preserve our planet by investing in eco-friendly technology.

What we’re doing to help…

  • AccuGrit utilises supply chains local to a business/site.
  • We use the innovative Ice Melt de-icer, which is kinder to the environment than traditional rock salt.
  • We stopped importing brown salt from overseas; it comes from a salt mine in Winsford Cheshire.
  • We only use recycled grit bins for all clients.
  • Our team have begun converting our fleet and company cars to EVs, and all vehicles are route optimised for the most efficient running.
  • Last Year we introduced a hybrid working model for all our employees at HQ to reduce our overall energy output in the office and lower our commuting footprint.