The bad weather wasn’t all bad news, as we acquired 90 new sites!

Business News | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | Weather Forcasting | 06 January

It would be easy to forget the blast of severe wintery weather we experienced in mid-December since we’ve all enjoyed the Christmas holidays, and most of the country is comfortably reaching double figures in temperatures. However, for the team at AccuGrit, we are still processing the few weeks of the deep freeze as we faced unprecedented enquiries from businesses requiring immediate support – resulting in a phenomenal 90 new sites taking up our services.

The new clients, from various industries and located across the length and breadth of the UK, would, in the majority, admit they were caught unprepared for this level of ice and snow as they didn’t have a winter maintenance plan in place. Unfortunately, many organisations were forced to close due to the sudden weather as a health and safety precaution. You don’t need us to tell you this situation is the worst-case scenario for a company, as any business owner or senior management team will attest that the disruption of shutting a site significantly impacts finances, employees, and the provision of support to customers.

Happily, AccuGrit, with our nationwide hubs, could assist with a substantial number of requests with our 24/7 services. Still, we are aware of multiple companies that ceased operations as they couldn’t engage winter maintenance services contractors for several days to make their sites safe.

We admit we constantly promote the benefits of putting a winter maintenance plan in place, but this is because, during unexpected and extreme weather episodes, we receive such a high volume of calls from businesses who have been caught off guard and subsequently needed to close. So, we have first-hand experience of the chaos that can ensue as a result of not being prepared.

The good news is that we can help create a proactive winter maintenance plan to prevent closure, accidents and damage resulting from snow, ice, and associated flooding. In addition, using AccuGrit means your facility will be protected by a fully accredited and audited winter maintenance services business with a wealth of industry experience and expertise, bringing your business a considerable amount of peace of mind.

Don’t be caught out by unexpected weather occurrences. Contact us today about our free comprehensive site surveys and how we can help you implement a successful plan. Our support costs, on average, are between £2-£5K per facility per year, so can you afford not to get in touch with us?

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