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Shelley Carrick’s Journey: Running the London Marathon for Ormiston Families

Business News | Charity | 12 January

Join us as we cheer on Shelley Carrick, our Business Support & Compliance at AccuGrit, in her incredible journey to run the London Marathon and support Ormiston Families.

Motivation to Support Ormiston Families

Shelley’s dedication stems from her strong belief in the impact of Ormiston Families—a charity supported by AccuGrit—that provides crucial support to families in need. This remarkable organisation has touched the lives of countless individuals, and Shelley saw running the London Marathon as an opportunity to contribute to their noble cause.

Training Regimen and Overcoming Challenges

Shelley has embarked on an intensive training journey to prepare for the marathon. Starting with research and equipping herself with the right gear, she has set out to build her endurance and strength. Shelley’s training regimen includes walking and running, gradually increasing her distance over time. Along the way, she has faced setbacks, including a toe injury. However, with determination and the support of her chiropractor, she continues to overcome these challenges, emerging even more resilient.

Excitement and Mental Preparation

The anticipation of participating in the London Marathon fills Shelley with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. Drawing on her practice of Tai Chi and meditation, she focuses on embracing the mental challenges that lie ahead. Running a marathon is an experience that stretches one’s limits—both physically and mentally—and Shelley welcomes this opportunity for personal growth and achievement.

Fundraising Goals and Importance

Her passion to make a difference drives Shelley to set an ambitious fundraising target of £1000. She understands that every penny counts and aims to support Ormiston Families significantly. Even if she were to raise £500, she would be grateful for the generosity of those who contribute. Shelley recognises the immense impact that donations can have on transforming the lives of families in need.

Advice for Others Considering a Marathon

Through her journey, Shelley has gained valuable insights and wisdom. She encourages others considering running a marathon to take consistent small steps. Every journey begins with a single stride, and by focusing on progress rather than the daunting distance, one can overcome any challenge. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Shelley’s incredible commitment to running the London Marathon for Ormiston Families inspires us all. Join us in supporting Shelley’s fundraising efforts and making a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need it the most.

To contribute to Shelley’s fundraising goal, visit her fundraising page or email [email protected]