Meet Sarah Baker: Joining Forces with AccuGrit for Success!

Risk | 24 April

At AccuGrit, we’re excited to introduce another new team member, Sarah Baker, who joins us as the Sales Administrator. With her wealth of experience and enthusiasm for the role, Sarah is poised to significantly contribute to our mission of providing first-class winter maintenance solutions.

We borrowed Sarah for five minutes to find out how her journey is going so far and what her aspirations are as she embarks on this new chapter with AccuGrit.

What drew you to pursue a career with AccuGrit, and how do you envision contributing to the company’s mission?

“I applied for the role of Sales Administrator as it seemed varied and interesting, and I felt I could do the role well. During the interview, I was very impressed with the company and Dean and Mike’s future aspirations.”

As you begin your journey with AccuGrit, what aspects of the winter maintenance industry are you most eager to explore and learn about?

“I started two weeks ago, and everyone has welcomed me and made me feel like part of the team already, which I think is very important as this has allowed me to immerse myself in the industry and ask essential questions.

One aspect that intrigues me is the technology and innovation utilised in winter maintenance solutions. I’m excited to learn more about the cutting-edge tools and equipment that AccuGrit employs to efficiently and effectively manage snow and ice removal.”

How do you plan to leverage your previous experiences and expertise to excel in your role at AccuGrit?

“I look forward to supporting the Sales Team as the company continues its rapid growth. I have worked in admin for 20 years and have always enjoyed all aspects of that role & I feel my experience will help me support the Sales team as it goes from strength to strength.”

What are your initial impressions of AccuGrit’s approach to winter maintenance and its commitment to customer satisfaction?

“As a new employee, my initial impressions of AccuGrit’s approach to winter maintenance and commitment to customer satisfaction are incredibly positive. The company’s dedication to excellence is evident in every aspect of its operations, from innovative technologies to proactive customer service initiatives. I’m excited to be part of a team that prioritises delivering high-quality solutions while ensuring customer satisfaction remains at the forefront of everything we do.”

Sarah’s addition to the AccuGrit team marks a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in winter maintenance services. With her expertise, dedication, and positive attitude, Sarah embodies the values that drive AccuGrit forward.

As we continue our strategic growth trajectory, Sarah’s role will be instrumental in propelling us towards our goals. Over the summer, AccuGrit will work diligently behind the scenes to make further improvements, ensuring that we maintain our position as the leading winter maintenance provider in the UK.

We eagerly anticipate seeing Sarah thrive and contribute to our ongoing success.

Welcome aboard, Sarah!