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Covid-19 and winter maintenance

Why you should plan for winter now


For some businesses, deciding whether they were “essential” or “non-essential” at the start of the lockdown was straightforward, while for other there was some confusion and discussion about whether their work should continue or not. For those of us in the gritting industry, it was decided that our service was essential for our customers who provided an essential service – as well as for one whose carpark was used as an overflow carpark for a nearby hospital when their staff were all working from home. To read about our experience at this time, take a look at my article in


It’s a grim thought but should a second wave of Covid-19 strike our country at the same time as severe winter weather, it would be vital that carparks and paths are safe for essential workers.  Meanwhile, for those businesses not classed as “essential” working hard to recoup their lost profits, the service disruption caused by another “Beast from the East” could have a serious financial impact – as could the cost of a claim from someone who has slipped on more typical ice or snow. The average cost of a slip claim is £10,000, which would be a lot to take off the bottom line from businesses who have already suffered heavy losses.


If you’d like to discuss your winter maintenance arrangements for 2020/21, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Stay safe

Dean Harvey


How we are Covid-planning for winter 20/21

Our viral pandemic plans are designed to keep our customers’ premises open and safe from the risks of ice and snow, while complying with all guidance related to protecting the health of staff and customers.

If complex sites require more than one operative, our teams will travel in single vehicles. We will also be cleaning all touch point surfaces, such as gates, with disinfectant.

If it is useful to your facility, we can also expand this to cleaning other external touch points across your site, even those which our operatives do not need to have contact with themselves, such as bike shelters and doors. This can be provided as an add-on or daily standalone service throughout the year. If you would like more information, please email [email protected] or call us on 01379 774731.

Premier Foods

We are delighted that our client Premier Foods are on board for another season with Accugrit so that the risks of ice and snow are one less thing for them to worry about in winter 20/21. One Premier Foods’ car parks was used as an overflow car park for a hospital during the peak of the Covid-19 crisis and our support to keep this carpark gritted during the last cold and icy nights of March was greatly appreciated.

Can our business partners help with your winter and Covid planning?

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