How Much Could a Slip on Ice or Snow Cost Your Business?

Compliance | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | Technology | Weather Forcasting | 10 October

If you watch the news, read the papers, or follow the government, it’s not hard to know that there is a genuine concern about the soaring energy prices, the cost of living crisis, the value of the pound and mortgages going into a spin. Economically, things are looking like a tight squeeze for a few months, and businesses will feel this impact. So now is not a time you want to incur significant additional expenses, such as a slip or fall claim, due to something that could easily have been prevented.

Did you know that if someone were injured at your business premises because the external areas had not been adequately maintained against snow and ice, you are entirely responsible for this?

All employers owe their staff (and visitors/contractors) a duty of care in law. You should take every step reasonably to ensure people are safe and free from harm. For example, to stop anyone from slipping on ice, a business should ensure that any paving, pathways, car parks or other external areas are free of snow and ice.

The same applies to public places, shops, shopping centres, supermarkets, retail parks, and associated car parks. Under the 1957 Occupiers Liability Act, the occupier of any premises (such as a shop, retail park, or car park owner/ operator) has a duty of care to ensure people’s safety against suffering an injury caused by slipping or falling on ice.

In addition, public places such as squares, pavements, roads, and pathways maintained by local authorities are also responsible for taking reasonable steps to keep people safe.

The results of not safely maintaining premises can be financially catastrophic; for example, claims for slips on ice and snow have cost organisations as much as £500, 000 in compensation.

NHS Hospitals that close due to poor winter maintenance by a facilities partner could face penalties of £250,000 per day.

So, the solution to avoid such detrimental costs is to partner with a highly experience and reliable winter maintenance service provider – AccuGrit.

Have you planned a successful winter maintenance plan? Do your site risk assessment plans pinpoint potentially hazardous areas at risk of severe winter conditions? Has your business got a sufficient supply of products, materials, and equipment to last the duration of a harsh event? Do you use a contractor that provides a service guarantee, service notifications, and innovative technology and can provide all relevant reports, including daily weather forecasts and invoicing details?

If you do not have any of this in place or are unsure if you have a suitable plan, now is the time to contact us for a free consultation. We can help to ensure your winter maintenance is covered as the flexibility in our contracts means you can cancel planned visits that are no longer needed – but you can be confident we will support you when you require it the most.

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