Hopes for a Green Recovery

We’ve all noticed an improvement in our environment as a result of reduced emissions and the majority of us are keen to protect the cleaner atmosphere as the country recovers from the pandemic. An Opinium survey of 2,00 UK adults found that two-thirds (67%) think we are at a turning point in our history and want their MP to support strong and ambitious plans on climate change.

Here at AccuGrit, we’re striving to be the greenest business in our industry. Our Environmental Policy sets out our commitment to the environment the steps we take to minimise our impact. To help ensure we are leaving no stones unturned, we’re also in the process of being audited by the Suffolk Carbon Charter. The Charter, which is administered by Groundwork East of England, and overseen by the Environment Agency and Suffolk County Council on behalf of the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership,  recognises carbon reduction measures in Suffolk& businesses. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!