Get Ahead with a Winter Maintenance Plan for 2021/22

Compliance | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | 02 June

Thanks to unforeseen circumstances, businesses have experienced significant disruption over the past year caused by the pandemic closures, opening and restrictions. So, it is only natural that after all the interruptions and with the COVID-19 impact seemingly diminishing, to endeavour to reduce business risk and maximise productivity through robust business continuity strategies.

It is remarkable how many businesses regardless of their industry, size, or location, do not factor in the weather as a contributor to business impact. As we move through spring and summer, companies do tend to forget (understandably) to consider the implications the threat of snow and ice could have on disrupting business. From building and car park access for employees to the potential financial cost of a claim relating to a slip, trip or fall during icy or snowy weather, not having a winter maintenance services plan in place could be an expensive oversight for any facility manager.

Also, now more than ever, there are significant supply chain implications of not pre-planning winter services. Just as sun cream manufacturers need to make their products and get them on the shelves in readiness for summer months (hopefully) or lawnmower manufacturers having mowers made and available in readiness for their busy selling season in early spring, the same planning and preparation are required for winter service providers like us here at AccuGrit. As Covid continues to have a knock-on effect across multiple supply chains around the globe, planning ahead of the season with our clients has become crucial so we can ensure we have adequate supplies of salt, spreaders and recruited enough staff.

Plus, with AccuGrit being a specialist service provider, we go to great lengths to ensure our client support is delivered to the highest standards. This requires site surveys, specific site risk assessments, inductions, and training, all of which take time and planning to ensure it is integrated into our clients Health and Safety Management System.

So, have you planned a successful winter maintenance plan? Do your site risk assessment plans pinpoint potentially hazardous areas that are at risk of severe winter conditions? Has your business got a sufficient supply of product, materials, and equipment to last the duration of a harsh event? Do you use a contractor that provides a service guarantee, service notifications and can provide all relevant reports including daily weather forecast and invoicing details?

If you do not have any of this in place or are unsure if you have a suitable plan, now is the time to contact us for a free consultation. We can help to ensure your winter maintenance is covered as the flexibility in our contracts means you can cancel planned visits that are no longer needed – but can be certain we will be supporting you when you require it the most.

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