Driving Growth and Excellence: Welcoming Darren Gaston to AccuGrit

Business News | Facilities Management Services | Gritting | Snow Clearing | 16 April

AccuGrit is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team, Darren Gaston, who joins us as the Business Development Manager. With over three decades of sales and marketing management expertise spanning various industries, Darren brings a wealth of experience and a passion for driving strategic growth. His appointment underscores AccuGrit’s commitment to expanding our reach and enhancing our position as the leading specialist in winter maintenance solutions across the UK.

His journey began in retail sales before transitioning to advertising, where he played a pivotal role in elevating advertising revenue and nurturing a robust sales team at a local newspaper. Darren’s knack for turning challenges into opportunities became evident during his tenure as an account manager for Chubb Fire, where he revitalised a struggling area into one of the top revenue-generating regions in the UK.

After a transformative year of global travel, including a noteworthy stint in Thailand as a Business English and Sales Teacher for esteemed multinational companies, Darren returned to England and ventured into the waste management sector. As the Business Development Manager for a local waste and scrap company, he spearheaded the growth of the waste division, propelling the company to the forefront of the industry in Suffolk.

With his track record of driving growth and exceeding targets, Darren is poised to play a pivotal role in AccuGrit’s expansion strategy.

Upon joining AccuGrit, Darren has been impressed by the warm reception from his colleagues and the evident commitment to growth embedded within the company culture. He recognises AccuGrit’s clear vision and strategic direction, positioning the company for sustained success in the competitive winter maintenance industry.

Professionally, he is determined to leverage his expertise to contribute to AccuGrit’s growth trajectory, establishing the company as the undisputed leader in winter maintenance solutions. We’re excited to see Darren achieve his goals.

With Darren joining, AccuGrit has gained a seasoned professional with a proven track record of driving growth and achieving excellence.

With Darren’s expertise and vision, AccuGrit is poised to reach new heights of success, solidifying our position as the UK’s leading specialist in winter maintenance.

Welcome aboard, Darren, to the AccuGrit family!

You can contact Darren directly at: [email protected]