Case Study: AccuGrit – Delivering Efficient Winter Maintenance Services for Retail Parks

Business News | Facilities Management Services | Gritting | Snow Clearing | Weather Forcasting | 02 August

Client Overview:

AccuGrit, is a leading winter maintenance service provider, we were tasked with managing the winter maintenance needs of a portfolio consisting of 50 retail parks across 22 counties in the UK. The total area of these retail parks amounted to an impressive 375,000 square meters, making it a significant and challenging undertaking.

Client Expectations:

The client’s primary requirements were to ensure the safety and accessibility of their retail parks during the winter season. They sought a reliable partner who could deliver timely and efficient winter maintenance services, inclusive of gritting and snow clearing, while minimising disruption to their business operations. The client was also keen on having detailed reporting and real-time tracking of service activities.

AccuGrit’s Solution:

  • Bespoke Client Portal – IGLU:

AccuGrit impressed the client with our cutting-edge client portal – IGLU. This platform provided the client with unparalleled convenience and transparency in managing their winter maintenance services. IGLU offered detailed reporting, allowing the client to access comprehensive service records, real-time GPS tracking data of gritting vehicles, and insights into site conditions after each service.

  • Automated Reporting Functionality:

IGLU’s auto report email function was a key highlight for the client. It streamlined the reporting process by automatically generating and delivering detailed service reports directly to the client’s inbox. This feature saved time and effort for the client, allowing them to focus on their core business activities while staying informed about the status of their winter maintenance services.

  • Night Servicing to Minimise Disruption:

AccuGrit understood the importance of minimising disruptions to the client’s retail parks during peak business hours. To address this concern, all winter maintenance activities were scheduled between 18:00 and 06:00. This strategic approach ensured that the retail parks were safe and accessible for customers and employees during the day.

  • Zero Degree Celsius Gritting Trigger:

AccuGrit implemented a proactive approach to winter maintenance by setting a zero-degree Celsius gritting trigger. This meant that before temperatures dropped to freezing point, the gritting team would be alerted to begin their operations. This preventive measure reduced the formation of ice and helped maintain safe walking and driving conditions within the retail parks.

  • Use of White Marine Salt:

AccuGrit prioritised using the most effective and environmentally friendly ice-melting solution. We opted for white marine salt, known for its excellent ice-melting capabilities and lower environmental impact compared to traditional rock salt. This choice reflected AccuGrit’s commitment to sustainable winter maintenance practices.

Results and Outcomes:

AccuGrit’s comprehensive winter maintenance solution significantly benefited the client and their retail parks:

  • The detailed reporting and GPS tracking data offered by IGLU allowed the client to have real-time insights into service activities and site conditions, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Night servicing minimised business disruptions and ensured the safety and accessibility of the retail parks during the day.
  • The proactive approach of the zero-degree Celsius gritting trigger prevented the build-up of ice and reduced the risk of slip and fall accidents.
  • The use of white marine salt showcased AccuGrit’s dedication to providing effective and environmentally conscious winter maintenance services.

As a result of AccuGrit’s expertise and commitment to excellence, the client’s retail parks experienced improved safety, reduced disruptions, and enhanced overall customer satisfaction during the winter season. The success of this project further solidified AccuGrit’s position as a trusted and innovative winter maintenance service provider in the UK market.

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