Case Study: AccuGrit Winter Maintenance Service Delivery for a Train Service Depot

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AccuGrit is a leading winter maintenance service provider that specialises in offering efficient and reliable solutions for snow clearing and gritting services. This case study highlights AccuGrit’s successful implementation of their winter maintenance service for a train service depot, focusing on key points such as the gritting trigger temperature, 7-day service, email notifications, client portal (IGLU) for 9 clients, 12,000 sm2 sized site, and snow clearing in a critical environment for the rail depot.

Client Profile:

AccuGrit’s client is a major train service depot responsible for maintaining a critical rail infrastructure network. The depot covers an extensive area of 12,000 square meters and operates under challenging weather conditions during the winter season.


The client faced significant challenges during the winter months due to snow and icy conditions, which posed a risk to safe and efficient rail operations. The primary challenge was to ensure timely and effective snow clearing and gritting services, maintaining a gritting trigger temperature of zero degrees Celsius.


AccuGrit devised a comprehensive winter maintenance service plan tailored to the client’s specific needs. The following key elements were implemented to address the challenges effectively:

1. Gritting Trigger Temperature:

AccuGrit set the gritting trigger temperature at zero degrees Celsius. Whenever the temperature dropped to this threshold, our team was immediately alerted to initiate gritting operations to prevent the formation of ice and snow accumulation on critical rail tracks and infrastructure.

2. 7-Day Service:

We provided a 7-day service to ensure continuous monitoring and prompt response to changing weather conditions. This proactive approach allowed us to stay ahead of potential snow and ice build-up and mitigate hazards before they could disrupt train operations.

3. Email Notifications:

At AccuGrit, we integrated an automated email notification system that kept the client informed about the status of each gritting operation. Whenever a gritting operation was completed, the client received real-time updates, including the date, time, and area covered.

4. Client Portal (IGLU):

At AccuGrit, we provide a secure and user-friendly online client portal named IGLU, exclusively designed for our clients. Through IGLU, the client had access to live job report data, detailed gritting GPS tracking, historical performance reports, and interactive maps of the site to track completed operations.

5. Snow Clearing:

Apart from gritting services, AccuGrit also provided efficient snow clearing solutions. Our dedicated team used specialised equipment and trained personnel to clear snow from critical areas around the depot, ensuring smooth and safe operations.


AccuGrit’s winter maintenance service delivery had a significant positive impact on the train service depot’s operations during the winter season:

AccuGrit’s proactive approach minimised the risk of snow and ice-related accidents, ensuring the safety of staff and passengers within the depot.

The 7-day service and immediate gritting operations at the trigger temperature helped maintain essential rail services without disruptions, even during severe weather conditions.

The email notification system and IGLU client portal provided real-time updates and data transparency, fostering a strong working relationship between AccuGrit and our client.

With timely snow clearing services, the depot experienced minimal downtime and reduced operational costs associated with snow-related delays.


AccuGrit’s winter maintenance service delivery for the train service depot exemplified our commitment to providing tailored and effective solutions for critical environments. By maintaining a gritting trigger temperature, offering a 7-day service, implementing email notifications and the IGLU client portal, and ensuring efficient snow clearing, AccuGrit successfully mitigated the challenges posed by winter weather, enabling safe and smooth rail operations throughout the winter season. Our proactive and innovative approach solidified their position as a trusted winter maintenance partner for the train service depot and other clients facing similar challenges.

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