Secure a Safe and Ice-Free Telford Winter with AccuGrit’s Expert Gritting Services

Who Are AccuGrit?

Established in 2019, AccuGrit specialises in winter maintenance services in Telford and across the UK. With dedication and commitment, we dependably keep Telford and the UK running during winter.

Focusing on winter rather than just general ground maintenance allows us to continually enhance and hone our services for increased effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

With experience from the USA, a country with much more consistent winters, our leadership team has brought cutting-edge technology and machinery to the UK. This has made us one of the most effective gritting companies in the country. 

With our gritting services in Telford and operations across the country often being in high-risk environments, AccuGrit has invested heavily in creating a business with high safety standards.

For our high levels of safety and dependability, we have been awarded three ISO Certifications: ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), and ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management).

This dedication to safety and dependability is combined with precise weather forecasting and real-time reporting via our partnered weather forecaster. This allows us at AccuGrit to help keep premises across the UK safe and accessible in winter.

Why Use AccuGrit?

We understand that our clients have evolving and changing needs, which is why we are committed to continually improving and growing with them.

That’s why our clients stay our clients:

We are seeing a massive improvement with the recommended gritting supplier; they have been really good. We’re very pleased with how the site is looking of late, so can you please pass on my thanks.” – UK Animal Feed Distributor

AccuGrit has been our trusted winter maintenance partner for several years. Their prompt response, attention to detail, and dedication to keeping our premises safe during the winter months have been instrumental in our continued success.” – Facilities Manager in Leicester

Through dedication, passion, and commitment to you, the customer, we remain the UK market leader in winter maintenance services. 

And by adding weather forecasting capabilities to AccuGrit, we’ve been even more efficient at staying one step ahead of UK winters, improving our gritting and ice management solutions in Telford and across the country.

Telford Gritting Services

Our Telford Services

We are uniquely positioned as the UK’s only fully accredited nationwide winter services provider, with gritting, snow clearance, and weather forecasting services from John O’Groats to Lands End, including Telford.

Across our many years of operation, we’ve worked with many different clients, servicing almost anyone anywhere in the UK, including:

  • Industrial & Manufacturing Sectors
  • Retail & Commercial Offices
  • Property Management Companies
  • Housing Associations
  • Medical Facilities & Hospitals
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Construction Industry
  • Sports Clubs & Facilities
  • Leisure & Hospitality

We’re also an accredited Safe Contractor with decades of experience looking after NHS, police, and educational sites through our gritting and snow-clearing services.

Telford Winter Gritting Services

Ice is almost inevitable in British winters, from Scotland to the Midlands and even down south. 

That’s why it’s essential to keep your area gritted. By using safe gritting solutions across Telford with AccuGrit, you can prevent ice from disrupting your business and make Telford safer during the winter.

With AccuGrit, you’ll receive advanced ice warnings from our specialist weather forecasting. When the ice arrives, as always, our cutting-edge machinery will help grit your roads and surfaces quickly.

Through preparation and fast response, we’ll ensure your surfaces are clear from ice and snow and fully comply with QSHE regulations and any insurance requirements you may have.

To make things even easier, our client portal allows you to monitor our team and your site, see how we make decisions, and access compliance records whenever needed.

Get your free estimate today to see how we can help you keep Telford ice and snow-free!

Telford Snow Removal Services

When snow does occasionally appear in Telford, the first thing you’ll want is a snow removal team on-call. 

With a history of local operations in Telford, we can quickly reach wherever you need us, whether clearing snow from footpaths or large car parks.

Telford Weather Forecasting. 

Our nationwide weather forecast systems help us predict weather patterns and prepare sites ahead of time. 

AccuGrit provides 24/7 weather forecasting and monitoring, which allows us to be proactive instead of reactive to changing weather conditions.

This means you can relax, knowing we’re on the job before winter weather has even arrived.

Call us and speak to an expert to discover how AccuGrit can keep your buiness snow and ice-free this winter.


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What types of materials does AccuGrit use for gritting?

We primarily use an innovative Ice Melt de-icer. These materials lower the freezing point of moisture on surfaces, preventing ice formation and helping to provide traction in snowy conditions. As a bonus, this method is kinder to the environment than traditional rock salt gritting. 

How does AccuGrit decide when to grit or de-ice an area?

Using both national services and our own private partnership with a weather forecast company, we carefully monitor weather forecasts, current temperatures, and specific customer requests. 

Our monitoring teams proactively deploy resources ahead of freezing conditions to prevent ice formation whenever possible.

What types of locations does AccuGrit service?

We service various locations, including hospitals, schools, commercial properties, and residential areas across Telford and the country. We aim to keep these critical pathways open and safe during adverse winter conditions.

How does AccuGrit decide when to grit or de-ice an area?

The decision to grit or salt an area is based on weather forecasts, current temperatures, and specific customer requests. Our monitoring teams are proactive in deploying resources ahead of freezing conditions to prevent ice formation.

What does AccuGrit do to neutralise icy conditions?

When things get icy, AccuGrit deploys gritting teams to client locations across Telford to treat surfaces with our innovative Ice Melt de-icer and grit sourced from the UK.