Our UK 2021 Winter Weather Predictions (Will it be a White Christmas?)

Gritting | Snow Clearing | Weather Forcasting | 23 October

This year you have probably heard most forecasters mention that we’re anticipating a colder than average winter due to the La Nina we talked about earlier in the year (link to blog here). This weather pattern will create more of a wavy pattern in the jet stream, which generally leads to less strong westerly winds from the Atlantic and, thus, the potential to get stuck in a colder pattern at times.

Looking at this week’s weather, the indications are that it will remain generally unsettled as fronts spread in off the Atlantic at times. So while there may be a few marginally chilly nights after fronts go through, there doesn’t seem to be much signal for any significant cold or frosty conditions. 

Now focussing on November, a similar pattern remains into the first week of November – with changeable weather dominated by west or southwesterly flow from the Atlantic. However, there could be some colder nights across the North of Britain during that period. 

Currently, indications show there is a chance that frostier nights will start appearing in the second week of November as we begin to see a less active jet stream and a better signal for some high pressure. Combined with drier conditions and lighter winds overnight, this could lead to some frosty autumnal nights.

Then looking ahead to December and addressing a familiar conversation had by many around this time of year, will it be a white Christmas? At the moment, there are strong signals that there could be potential for snow in the early part of the month, but whether this will lead to a White Christmas or not is a bet we are not willing to take right now.

The nights have officially drawn in, and the more unpredictable weather has landed. On top of a shortage in workforce and supplies, the adverse and changing weather conditions can also cause serious issues, which is why we are urging all businesses to be prepared with a robust winter maintenance plan.

We can help you prepare your facility for winter with a planned maintenance schedule that suits you. For more information about planned winter maintenance, you can contact our team at: [email protected]