Weather Forecasting

How Accurate Weather Forecasting Can Save Your Business Money

Weather Forcasting | 28 May

Everyone in the UK can get a basic weather report from the news. Everyone in the UK also knows that public weather forecasting reports aren’t always correct.

Private weather forecasting such as AccuGrit’s 24/7 forecasting can often be much more accurate, allowing you to know well in advance and with much more precision what the weather will do, right down to your local area.

And it’s not just good for deciding whether to wear a coat or not.

By accessing accurate and reliable 24/7 weather forecasting, businesses across various sectors can make much more informed decisions to mitigate risks, optimise operations, and save money. 

This can mean anticipating a storm to protect company assets or adjusting your business’ energy usage based on more accurate temperature predictions. Reliable weather forecasting can make a surprisingly big difference to your business’s ability to remain competitive and efficient.

Save Energy and Increase Efficiency Using Forecasting

One of the simplest ways more accurate weather forecasting can help your business save money is through saving on energy costs.

For most businesses across almost all sectors, optimising their heating and cooling systems according to the current temperature and weather is the most common way to achieve this.

During a predicted cold spell, for example, you could pre-heat your buildings to a comfortable level before peak energy pricing hours, reducing costs while keeping your offices warm. 

Similarly, in warmer months, you can use more accurate temperature forecasts to adjust your cooling systems proactively, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption while keeping your buildings as cool as they need to be.

This factor is only intensified in sectors with exceptionally high energy demands. Businesses with facilities such as factories and data centres can use more precise weather data to plan energy-intensive operations during periods of lower energy demand, further increasing cost savings.

Weather Forecasting

Minimise Risks and Remain Operational with Accurate Weather Forecasting

One of the most significant advantages of more accurate weather reporting is the ability to keep a business operational in adverse weather.

This is especially true in winter.

Adverse winter weather such as ice and snow can freeze your business operations and slow everything down if you let it. By using accurate weather forecasts, you can get ahead of adverse weather, such as getting expert snow-removers and gritters like AccuGrit in early to stop a build-up of ice and snow before it hinders business operations.

Call us now to see how AccuGrit can combine accurate weather forecasting and professional winter maintenance services to keep your business up and running.

More accurate weather forecasting can also help logistics companies reroute deliveries to avoid hazardous roads, preventing accidents and delays. As well as this, retailers can be more prepared for sudden demand increases for essential goods during a snowstorm,

In cases of other weather hazards, such as torrential rain, hail, and thunderstorms, that can disrupt operations, businesses can minimise risk by using weather forecasts to implement contingency plans much more quickly.

This can include securing outdoor equipment before a hailstorm or rescheduling outdoor events to avoid thunderstorms, all made possible by using more accurate weather forecasting systems.

Other Ways Accurate Weather Forecasting Can Save Your Business Money

Mitigating risk and saving on energy costs aren’t the only ways an accurate weather forecasting system can save you money.

For those in the agricultural sector, accurate weather forecasting can be used to plan planting and harvesting schedules more effectively, reducing the risk of crop damage from unexpected frosts or floods. 

Knowing the exact timing of a dry spell, rather than just a general idea of the week or month from standard weather forecasting, can help farmers irrigate more efficiently, conserving water and reducing costs. 

Even those in retail can benefit from more accurate weather forecasting, helping business owners manage weather-related inventory more efficiently, such as stocking seasonal items like snow shovels or raincoats in anticipation of weather changes.

For any outdoor event business or planner, more accurate weather forecasting can help you avoid costly cancellations by choosing dates with favourable weather forecasts more effectively, ensuring better attendance and profitability.

How to Get More Accurate Weather Forecasting

If you want to use highly accurate, 24/7 weather forecasting across the UK, AccuGrit is the provider for you.

With our in-app live tracking, you can easily see what weather is about to hit your business.

Along with our weather forecasting service, AccuGrit is also the UK’s number one nationwide winter maintenance provider. This means when your premises get icy or clogged up with snow in winter, we can get things sorted for you before they shut down your business.

Request a free quote today to see how AccuGrit can help you and your business save money with accurate weather forecasting.