Winter Maintenance Case Study – Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

Business News | Compliance | Environment | Facilities Management Services | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | 14 September


AccuGrit takes immense pride in providing top-notch winter maintenance services to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals during the challenging winter months. With a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and client satisfaction, AccuGrit ensures the hospitals’ premises remain accessible and hazard-free for patients, staff, and visitors throughout the winter season.

  • Trigger Point of Zero Degree Celsius:

AccuGrit employs an advanced weather monitoring system that triggers winter maintenance operations once the temperature reaches zero degrees Celsius or lower. By proactively commencing gritting and snow clearing at this point, AccuGrit minimises the risk of icy conditions on hospital grounds, ensuring the safety of all who access the facilities.

  • Client Portal – IGLU:

AccuGrit provides Sheffield Teaching Hospitals with access to their innovative client portal, IGLU. This user-friendly platform offers real-time updates on service schedules, weather forecasts, and operational progress. Hospital staff can log in to IGLU to track the status of winter maintenance tasks, ensuring transparency and efficient communication.

  • Night Servicing:

Understanding the critical nature of hospital operations, AccuGrit operates night servicing shifts to maintain continuous snow and ice clearance. By performing these essential tasks during off-peak hours, AccuGrit ensures minimal disruption to the hospitals’ daily activities while maximising the safety and accessibility of the premises.

  • Automated Reporting Facility:

AccuGrit’s winter maintenance operations are bolstered by an automated reporting facility. This technology enables the generation of detailed reports on gritting schedules, quantities used, and completed tasks. These reports assist Sheffield Teaching Hospitals in maintaining compliance with safety regulations and facilitate seamless auditing processes.

  • Use of White Marine Salt:

AccuGrit uses white marine salt for gritting at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. White marine salt is both effective and less corrosive than traditional rock salt. Its high purity minimises environmental impact while efficiently breaking down ice and snow, making it ideal for sensitive hospital settings.

Mitigation of Risk for Hospital Setting:

The hospital environment demands an extra layer of care to mitigate risks effectively. AccuGrit implements several measures to ensure safety in this unique setting:

  • Priority Areas: AccuGrit identifies and prioritises critical areas such as emergency access points, ambulance bays, and walkways leading to hospital entrances for immediate snow and ice clearance.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Special attention is given to pedestrian routes, including pathways connecting parking areas to entrances and disabled access points, to minimise the risk of slips and falls.
  • Proactive Gritting: By commencing winter maintenance at zero degrees Celsius, AccuGrit eliminates the build-up of ice and snow, significantly reducing slip hazards around the hospitals.


AccuGrit’s strategic winter maintenance approach, proactive risk mitigation measures, and innovative technologies like the IGLU client portal have successfully safeguarded Sheffield Teaching Hospitals during winter. By utilising white marine salt and implementing night servicing, AccuGrit ensures a safe, accessible, and reliable environment for hospital staff, patients, and visitors throughout the challenging winter season.

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