Snow in April!

Environment | Technology | Weather Forcasting | 13 April

April has been a cold month and we have to date had teams gritting on every day somewhere in the UK.

We’ve also experienced snow to many areas of the UK but snow clearing hasn’t been required as gritting that had taken place was sufficient in keeping the sites Ice and Snow free.

Snow in April isn’t unusual and on average there are 2.3 days of snow compared to November which has on average 1.7 days.

Temperatures have been -3.8 degrees below the mean for April and it’s also been a very dry month with the UK experiencing 9% of average rainfall.

We keep monitoring our daily forecasts until the end of April or until the risk of Ice and Snow has gone, hopefully with lockdown restrictions lifting we will all get a chance to enjoy it with the weather warming up as the month progresses.

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