“If there was an award for a top supplier, you would win”.

14th May 2021

As the nights draw out and the slightly milder weather starts, it marks the end of our busy season, which means our customer satisfaction survey has been sent and the results evaluated.

Even though we continually monitor our client’s feedback throughout the year, we believe a satisfaction survey, prompting transparent responses to a range of account management and operational questions, is a much more accurate indicator of our overall success.

And the outcomes could not be better, with 100% of responders selecting ‘Very Satisfied’ when asked if they were happy with the reports and notifications that were sent, plus 100% of our clients observing they were ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to renew contracts, we are so pleased by the positive reactions to our services.

Also included in the survey was an opportunity for customers to feedback in their own words, and below is a selection of our favourites from this year:

“Your service has been invaluable to us this season”.

“If you need a reference then please put them in touch with me”.

“… we are very impressed with the gritting and snow clearance since you took over many thanks to you and the team, top job”.

Going forward, we will use the survey results as a benchmark for our customer service and operational standards.

Our sincere thanks to every who took the time to fill out the survey, after severe and prolonged winter it is encouraging to have such positive feedback.

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