Remember the Five P’s When It Comes to Winter Maintenance Preparation!

Compliance | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | 10 November

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance is a quote often used in our HQ when we encounter a situation that could have easily been avoided.

But if you’re a business owner, there is a lot to be prepared for this winter, with the cost of living impacting commercial and domestic finances and talks of energy blackouts. That’s before we even get started on the flip-flopping of our government leaders and the uncertainty this presents. In addition, this winter will see more employees back in the office since the pandemic, increasing footfall and vehicles onsite. So, the requirement to keep everything moving at businesses across the UK has never been more imperative or full of potential challenges.

So, the last thing you need is additional unexpected costs in the shape of call-out bills or legal fees because you didn’t prepare for ice and snow events at your commercial property in advance.

When Should You Grit Commercial Premises:

Private companies are legally obligated to ensure that areas around their property are cleared from snow and ice as much as possible. Car parks, public spaces, pavements, and entrances to buildings must be free from hazards. Health and Safety regulations advise a company to have a winter policy and gritting schedule to ensure that the necessary work is undertaken when winter weather takes hold.

Therefore, you would be surprised how often businesses contact us after the fact as overnight their premises have been impacted by unexpected wintery weather, causing it to become inaccessible or, worse, dangerous for employees and visitors to navigate. The resulting consequences of being unprepared like this are often significantly costly to both budgets and the brand reputation of any company.

As ice, sleet and snow can be expected at any point from early November, and you should always bear in mind that there is always a risk of frost, sleet, or snow until April, we advise you to be prepared and book the services of a professional winter gritting contractor in plenty of time to have peace of mind throughout the season. Not only this, but it will also prevent delays in a snow and ice event as you will not have to wait for services to arrive at your premises.

As an example of a preparation timeline, in the 2nd week of November, this year were replenishing the grit bins across the Sheffield NHS estate we are responsible for, which is the 3rd biggest hospital in Europe.

How To Be Prepared:

With the incoming winter in the UK, now is a crucial time for businesses to successfully plan to protect themselves and their company from any wintery accidents or business interruptions by reviewing how well your facility is safeguarded from the risks of ice or snow, ensuring adequate prevention plans are in place.

Organisations cannot afford (literally) to hope that ice and snow won’t affect them or that no one will claim against them in the event of a slip or fall. In addition, a business cannot legally risk employing substandard contractors or poorly trained staff to look after a vital service required.

So, how certain are you that you have a successful winter maintenance plan? Do your site risk assessment plans pinpoint potentially hazardous areas at risk of severe winter conditions? Has your business got a sufficient supply of products, materials, and equipment to last the duration of a harsh event? Do you use a contractor that provides a service guarantee and service notifications and can provide all relevant reports, including daily weather forecasts and invoicing details?

If you do not have this in place or are unsure if you have a suitable plan, now is the time to contact us for a free consultation. We can help to ensure your winter maintenance is covered as the flexibility in our contracts means you can cancel planned visits that are no longer needed – but you can be confident we will support you when you require it the most.

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