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AccuGrit announces partnership with leading global weather forecasting provider UBIMET

Weather Forcasting | 17 October

AccuGrit announces partnership with leading global weather forecasting provider UBIMET

AccuGrit is delighted to announce a partnership with UBIMET, a leading global provider of meteorological forecast systems and information, to bring our customers The Weather Cockpit.

The Weather Cockpit provides the AccuGrit team with specialist forecasting service to ensure our winter maintenance teams know exactly when they need to grit customers’ premises and be prepared for snow clearing operations. This data is specific to the development of frost, ice and snow, so that everything we do for our customers is based on data and meteorological observation.

Founded by a team with decades of experience in the gritting industry, AccuGrit provides a range of winter maintenance services for organisations of all sizes across the United Kingdom. Our innovative approach to service delivery, including subscriptions, pay-per-grit, weather forecasting only and partnerships, means there is a package to suit everyone.

UBIMET provides round-the-clock data, weather modelling, radar and satellite images which are analysed and interpreted by high-performing computing systems and specially trained experts. The precise meteorological information provided by UBIMET for the Weather Cockpit enables AccuGrit teams to work more quickly and efficiently than ever before, ensuring that our customers benefit from cost savings and we can reduce our impact on the environment. Hourly updates from UBIMET that are fed into the Weather Cockpit include highly accurate data on ground temperature, precipitation, snowfall and working conditions.

AccuGrit General Manager Dean Harvey comments:

“Accurate and timely weather forecasting underpins everything we do for our customers, so this is fantastic news to be able to share as the temperatures start to fall away in advance of winter arriving. UBIMET have the resources and technology to provide us with real-time data and AI-driven forecasting for The Weather Cockpit which will translate into exceptional service and cost savings for our customers this winter.”

Leading companies from other weather-dependent sectors such as insurance, media, infrastructure, energy and sports, as well as several million private customers, already rely on the services and individual solutions offered by UBIMET. AccuGrit is delighted to be able to utilise their cutting-edge forecasting to ensure our customers get the very best winter maintenance service this winter and beyond.