Our Winter Maintenance Technology Explained.

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As a business with innovation and customer experience at the heart of our core values, we continually review our customers’ current and potential future requirements to ensure we are working with the best equipment in the winter maintenance field to meet all demands.

Our collective years of experience means that our team have also evolved along with the technology that is strengthening the industry’s best practice and kept informed of innovations before they’ve reached the market.

Because of this, we can answer the questions no one else can. Our industry-focused, City & Guilds qualified team is ideally positioned to provide impartial advice on what winter maintenance technology solutions are best for your site to keep employees and visitors safe during an ice or snow occurrence.

We combine experience and innovation to deliver the highest standards in the Winter Maintenance industry, and excitingly we are developing a new management system that will see this technology embedded for clients to access, which is a first for the industry.


We can install two types of sensors on key operational sites to feed live data into our control room, allowing trained employees to monitor the information 24/7 and quickly react to any alerts.


Wintersense uses smart-sensor technology coupled with IoT communications and a cloud-hosted data solution to enable the rapid densification of road-weather networks.

Wintersense provides non-invasive surface temperature, air temperature, relative humidity and dew point measurements in a compact, self-powered unit with integrated communications.

The Wintersense smart sensor is entirely integrated and provides live surface and dew point temperatures, so when forecasts are marginal and haven’t triggered a gritting visit, we can monitor the actual temperatures to ensure that if the surface temperature causes an alert, we can manually deploy a team to grit a site.

Keys sites that have this installed are airports, logistic hubs, top deck car parks, and any other operational site that grinds to a halt when covered in ice or snow.


This innovative technology exclusive to AccuGrit enables our Met Office-trained employees to observe site conditions and monitor a live snow event in our control room 24/7 during winter.

Facilitating our team to see in real-time how the snow is settling on the ground allows for faster decision-making to, for example, send in a snow clearance team rather than waiting for a site contact to get in touch.

Please note: all cameras are just pointed towards the ground to see snow settling and adhere to all relevant data protection regulations.

Keys sites that have this installed are remote sites and critical locations such as airports, logistic hubs, top deck car parks, and any other operational site that grinds to a halt when covered in ice or snow.

If you would like to find out more about this technology and how we can support your business with winter maintenance, please get in touch with our team at: [email protected]