November Snow?

November Snow?

One of the UK’s national weather providers published its seasonal forecast last week, its showing the potential for a cold and snowy start to our season in the UK due to La Niña.

NOVEMBER: Our forecast view is particularly influenced by a consensus of statistical analogue forecasts, which imply a much more blocked flow pattern over N Atlantic and Greenland, allowing several incursions of cold Arctic air over the UK. Sharp frosts and snow showers more likely to be hazards, than heavy rain, winds and floods.

During the period of La Nina the seas surface temperatures across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean will be lower than normal, it effects the weather across the globe.

In December 2017 we were experiencing a La Nina and it was forecast to be a very cold February in 2018, we then had the “beast from the east”

Typically our tabloids will start publishing articles with “snow storm to hit UK” with not a great deal of truth in them, perhaps this year will be different…