Health & Safety & Winter Maintenance Post COVID-19

As the UK begins to adapt to the ‘new normal’, it’s clear that Health & Safety is foremost in employers’ minds. Keeping the virus at bay is a massive concern for many alongside ensuring businesses do not have to deal with the impact of any other health and safety incidents that could damage businesses further.

To gauge opinion, we conducted a simple poll on LinkedIn and found overwhelmingly that Health & Safety would be more important than ever post COVID-19.

To protect staff and visitors from the risk of a slip on ice or snow – and businesses from the cost of a claim – our services could prove vital this winter. For our clients that provide essential services or products, effective ice and snow clearance will be essential when the temperature drops. However, with lockdown having such a huge effect on many of our clients, being able to stay safely open for business whatever the weather throws at us will be very important for many others too.