Facilities Management Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance Outsourcing Services

Business News | Compliance | Facilities Management Services | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | 02 March

Often overlooked, many businesses’ operations’ productivities rely heavily on an effective Facilities Management Company and their ability to contract reliable services, and here at AccuGrit, we’ve been partnering with major FMs to maintain their winter gritting and snow removal services.


Using AccuGrit, facilities management organisations can assure site owners and businesses that they receive specialist support that meets all legal, regulatory and industry requirements.

In addition, it can be expensive to access, recruit, or scale specialist operations. This is why utilising a national winter maintenance service provider like AccuGrit, which already covers the UK, can save time, hassle, and money.


With our reputation for providing reliable and excellent customer service, we’ve welcomed the opportunity to work with facility management consultants and made the vendor management process easy with our 24/7 client portal that provides secure access to all the relevant reports, health & safety documents, including site inspections and service evidence.


We’ve also been installing our innovative technology Wintersense and AccuCam, across multiple sites, which allows for proactive response to an ice or snow event and provides the consistency many national property portfolio owners require to keep all their sites safely open.


AccuGrit offers the extensive experience that Facilities Management Companies require as we understand the complexities of working with business parks, leisure centres, transportation hubs, retail parks and shopping centres.

Working in collaboration with you, our team will transfer their professionalism and expertise to your tenants to ensure everyone receives the quality customer service that best represents your business.

Contact us here to learn how AccuGrit can support your Facilities Management Company.