Don’t Get Caught in the Shortages This Winter

Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | 06 August

It’s not hard at the moment to find an article or a blog about the UK experiencing the worse labour shortage since 1997. Contributing factors to this situation are predominately the demand on recruitment levels following the reopening of businesses after pandemic restrictions were lifted. In addition, fewer EU workers are travelling to Britain because of Covid-19 border controls and the government’s post-Brexit immigration rules. The winter maintenance industry is not unaffected by this situation, given that we use contingency workers as a flexible solution to our demand in services (with winter being a busy period for operational work and summer mainly administration).

Straight after you’ve read the news about the workforce recruitment issues, you’ll quickly happen upon an article about the supply chain challenges the UK is also experiencing. The reasons aren’t dissimilar to the employment crisis with increased demand due to businesses now reactivating their services, the ever-escalating costs for materials, and the constant disruption to shipping goods. Unfortunately, our industry does not escape the clinches of these challenges as we import equipment and salt from around the world for winter.

As much as this feels like doom and gloom, it is far from it, as the positive elements are that businesses need to employ and obtain materials, which can only mean that the country is slowly recovering, and opportunities are out there. However, the negative side of these situations is that everyone needs to be much more organised in scheduling services because this will be the only way to guarantee suppliers can adequately support you.

Luckily, the AccuGrit team has been ahead of the curve and has implemented an operational strategy that will allow our ice and snow management services to support many clients. But the supply isn’t endless, which is why we are recommending companies contact us today to arrange site visits to secure their winter maintenance supplies.

As it’s August, it can be difficult to imagine the winter requirements you will need, but it won’t be too long before the nights draw in and more unpredictable weather lands. On top of a shortage in workforce and supplies, the adverse and changing weather conditions can also cause serious issues, which is another reason the best way to prepare is to get ahead is to have your winter maintenance plan in place now.

We can help you prepare your facility for winter with a planned maintenance schedule that suits you. For more information about planned winter maintenance, you can contact our team at: [email protected]