AccuGrit Winter Maintenance Case Study: NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust

Business News | Facilities Management Services | Gritting | Health & Safety | Risk | Snow Clearing | Technology | Weather Forcasting | 14 August


AccuGrit takes great pride in its partnership with NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust, providing reliable and efficient winter maintenance services to ensure the safety and accessibility of healthcare facilities during the harsh winter months. AccuGrit has been able to mitigate risks and maintain a secure environment for patients, staff, and visitors through a strategic approach and innovative solutions.

  • Trigger Point of Zero Degree Celsius:

AccuGrit’s winter maintenance strategy for NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust revolves around a proactive approach triggered by the weather monitoring system’s zero degrees Celsius threshold. By commencing gritting and snow-clearing operations before freezing conditions take hold, AccuGrit effectively prevents the formation of hazardous ice and snow, ensuring the safety of patients and staff on hospital grounds.

  • Client Portal – IGLU:

AccuGrit provides NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust access to its proprietary client portal, IGLU. The user-friendly platform offers real-time updates on the completion of jobs. With seamless communication and easy access to essential information, IGLU enhances collaboration between AccuGrit and the healthcare trust, ensuring timely and reliable services.

  • Night Servicing:

Recognising the round-the-clock nature of healthcare services, AccuGrit operates night servicing shifts to maintain continuous snow and ice clearance. This approach minimises disruptions to hospital operations during peak hours while maximising safety and accessibility for staff and emergency vehicles.

  • Automated Reporting Facility:

AccuGrit’s winter maintenance operations for NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust are bolstered by an automated reporting facility. The system generates comprehensive reports on gritting schedules, materials used, and completed tasks. These reports assist the healthcare trust in maintaining compliance with safety regulations and conducting efficient auditing processes.

  • Use of White Marine Salt:

In line with AccuGrit’s commitment to environmental sustainability and safety, we utilise white marine salt for gritting at NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust. This high-purity salt effectively breaks down ice and snow while being less corrosive than traditional rock salt. AccuGrit reduces the risk of damage to sensitive healthcare infrastructure and surrounding environments by employing white marine salt.

Mitigation of Risk for NHS/Healthcare Setting:

AccuGrit takes extra precautions to mitigate risks associated with winter maintenance in a healthcare setting:

  • Priority Areas: AccuGrit identifies and prioritises critical areas such as ambulance bays, emergency entrances, and pedestrian pathways connecting hospital buildings to ensure immediate snow and ice clearance.
  • Infection Control Measures: AccuGrit adheres to strict infection control protocols when performing winter maintenance tasks to minimise potential contamination risks to patients and hospital staff.
  • Safe Signage and Traffic Management: AccuGrit uses clear signage and traffic management measures to guide pedestrians and drivers during gritting and snow-clearing operations safely.
  • Communication with Hospital Staff: AccuGrit collaborates closely with NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust to ensure seamless coordination during maintenance activities and share potential risks in real-time.


AccuGrit’s winter maintenance services have proven instrumental in mitigating risks and ensuring the safety of NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust’s facilities and visitors during challenging winter conditions. With the use of IGLU client portal, night servicing, automated reporting, and environmentally friendly white marine salt, AccuGrit delivers reliable and efficient solutions that align with the unique needs of the healthcare setting. By continuing to prioritise safety, sustainability, and client satisfaction, AccuGrit remains a trusted partner in the winter maintenance efforts of NHS Mid Yorkshire Trust.

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