Winter is coming… and AccuGrit is preparing!

17th October 2019

Ready for winter gritting?

We’re just a week or so away from the clocks changing which means only one thing for those in the winter gritting business – our winter of hard work is truly about to begin! We offer proactive and reactive gritting and snow clearing services, so you know when the bad weather is on the way we’ll be out there keeping sites safe and accessible.

But that doesn’t mean we’re just sitting around waiting for the first heavy frosts to form or snowflakes to fall. The run up to winter means a flurry of travel, planning and meetings with customers and prospects to help them find the gritting package that suits them best. We’re also undertaking training sessions with our staff and contractors, ensuring everyone is prepared for winter. We’ve launched our specialist weather forecasting service ‘the Weather Cockpit’, providing those all-important ground temperatures that sit at the heart of our operation.

AccuGrit’s General Manager Dean has been the length and breadth of the country recently seeing the people responsible for managing a wide range of premises including NHS sites, schools, retail parks, transport hubs, police stations, car parks and private businesses. He also took the time out to check in on ‘Mount AccuGrit’, our vast pile of salt ready to keep our clients’ premises safe this coming winter. We’ve ordered a full 150% of our projected requirement to ensure we have enough even if the winter is exceptionally harsh.

If you’re still on the hunt for a winter maintenance provider to carry out gritting and snow clearing, then get in touch today! We’re ready and waiting to help you stay compliant, safe and open this winter.

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